Gift Guide: the men


G I F T  

    T  H  E 

   G E N T S 

    Are you totally confused about what to get for your bae/dad/uncle/brother? Well, I just made things a whole lot easier. Just click the image, add to basket and voila!

Gift Guide: the ladies


G  I  F  T

G    U   I    D   EF  O  R

     T  H  E 


Got a woman in your life who’s particularly difficult to shop for? Don’t fret—I’ve got you covered from literally every angle for every lady at every price. I'm currently putting together this gift guide while listening to the new wknd album instead of holiday music...oops.  Feel free to buy yourself any of these items ;)

Montreal in August

Here we are together in the last day of August 2016. And what a summer its been! The prairies have way too much weather in the form of rain while central and eastern Canada have too little. Hugely hot days with no rain and yet I think of those in the prairies that are probably building arks right about now. Nova Scotians have tans and people in the prairies probably have mold in their homes. So the whole country has had a strange summer. I write this in a damp vehicle as I make my way from rainy Rockport to sunny Toronto.

As I write I reminisce about my time wandering through Quebec. Walking the quaint streets of Montreal is so visually appealing as it is so picturesque, but nothing finishes an experience like the sound of music; so romantic, timeless, and full of feels. Here is a playlist inspired by this city to take you to a place I'm hoping to see once again.

Sebastian Metamorphik Collection // Eruptek+ Resintek

I am, by no means glam. More often than not you’ll find me with bags under my eyes, dry shampoo in my hair and a make-up free face. Although lately I have been venturing into trying out new things with my hair. Everyone knows I am a sucker for good packaging; anything rose gold, sleek and blush is a winner in my books. So I really surprised myself when I picked Sebastian Metamorphik duo collection that comes in a (sexy?) black bottle that is salon worthy. Which is not perplexing considering the Sebastian brand has a reputation for producing some of the most coveted items by hair salons. So basically they are a big deal in the hair styling community.

The Sebastian Professional Resintek is a moldable hyper shine wax that is perfect for shaping and reshaping hairstyles with limited amount of product and effort. I’m not a big fan of using styling products on dry hair so I apply it after a shower with my hair slightly damp. Overall, I was amazed at how quickly I could see the difference in volume; but most of all the product did not weight my hair down!

On the other hand, is the Sebastian Professional Eruptek which is a ‘volcanic ash paste’’ that quite frankly sounds so scary but interesting at the same time. It is a yellowish sticky paste that is flexible and provides a weightless hold. I think these two products are definitely a dream team of texture and volume.

May Musings

I'm not someone that gets overly excited when I hear the ice-cream truck but how cute are these gift tags?!

it's no secret that i'm a devote reader of  charly's written work, and soundcloud clips, she now has daily poems on her youtube channel.

give your jeans the diy treatment; get this $1500 vetements jeans that everyone loves.

I took part in the #larsflowerchallenge did you?

had my first churro and lets just say, it wont be my last!

an important lesson in etiquette.

jemima kirke is so beyond talented; I cannot comprehend.


april attitude // monthly board

april had a ton of showers, which better result in a ton of flowers!

enough with "becky"
it been four months already?! time to get my sh;t together
drake done the proud #viewsfromthe6
just passing the time away with these colouring pages

colour code_favourite products

I have just been so preoccupied with essays, finals and journaling that I seem to have neglected this space. though out april i have been noting down items i have been coveting. here a few things I have written:

clinique chubby stick roly poly posy
This velvety cheek balm applies on softly, like a luxe second skin that is beautifully pigmented and light (as in you barely feel it). My cheeks looks rosy, not clown like and it blends seamlessly with foundation; something powder blush cannot do. I've tried many cheek blushes and this has stood the test of time.

keihl's  ultimate strength hand salve
I am currently recovering from dry winter hands that need a little care for the summer. I apply this on once in the morning and it lasts throughout the day. It's a thick formula that hydrates my callous hands that absorbs quickly and leaves not residue.

givenchy dahlia noir l'eau
I'm a perfume monogamist. When it comes to committing to a product, I'm probably the best, which is why I've only owned two perfumes (chloe and swarovski) my teens. But after being seduced by this fruity & floral scent, I'm finally ready for an open relationship.


i happened to see drake at a raptors game the night he announced his now released album #views. he sat courtside while i sat so far his 6 foot figure looked like an ant. regardless i was happy to be in the same stadium as him. now I'm not the biggest fan but somehow this release became a big deal for me.

here are some of the things i should have done for the viewing party:
eaten a drake on a cake macarons
coloured this drake colouring book

march mood // monthly board

oh march!

a day to celebrate women
black-ish on police violence
sponge cake prank
the untold story of george washington

february links

Photo courtesy of Death to Stock 

can you believe that feburary is over already? even with a leap day, it felt short. 

find the one! your astrological rapper soulmate that is.

(not) teaching girls that scared = cute

i put salt in her chai

happy galentines day

. DKNY Pajama Set 2.Kiko Love Kiss Lip Balm 3. Girls Pin 4.Swell Love Collection Bottle 5. Too Faced Love Flush Blush 6. Topshop Valentines Socks 7. Posy Court Heart Dish 8. We Dope Girls We Flawless Card 9. Fujifilm Instax Camera 10 YSL Kiss Palette 11. Forever Girl Gang Sweatshirt 12.Valfre Lipstick Phone case 13.  Comme des Garçons Sneakers

looks like we made it to the end of the week. as promised here is the last post of galentines 2016! i celebrated by dancing away in a church v-day party.

here are 13 things i'm loving for feb 13th:

pass the popcorn: galentine's day movies

mean girls 
white chicks 
9 to 5 
julie and julia 
thelma and louise  

January links

Photo courtesy of Death to Stock 

i haven't keep a new years resolution, did you?

the unhappy generation

denis o'hare+ high heels = slaying red carpet 

stacks on stacks on stacks

drake on a cake- yes please!

smile? no thank you

2015 was so last year

when life gives you lemons

Unsplash: Dominik Martin

It' s getting super cold, really fast in Toronto. I have started to drink this lemon/ginger goodness to keep me strong this winter. I find myself not reaching for the cough syrup or soothing lozenge for my throat on days when I drink this.

You will need:
The juice of 1/2 lemon
Half a ginger,  sliced
1 teaspoon honey 
1/4 teaspoon cinnamon
1/4 teaspoon turmeric
1 cup hot water
 Let’s begin:

 In a mug, combine the lemon juice,ginger, cinnamon, turmeric and honey. Fill up the mug with hot water and let steep for 2-3 minutes. Enjoy!


“People can plan what they want to do, but it is the Lord who guides their steps.”

Proverbs 16:9
No resolutions this year just hoping for love, peace and harmony within myself and the world.
Cheers to the New Year 2016! 

(* i had to include that zayn reference in the title!)