Montreal in August

Here we are together in the last day of August 2016. And what a summer its been! The prairies have way too much weather in the form of rain while central and eastern Canada have too little. Hugely hot days with no rain and yet I think of those in the prairies that are probably building arks right about now. Nova Scotians have tans and people in the prairies probably have mold in their homes. So the whole country has had a strange summer. I write this in a damp vehicle as I make my way from rainy Rockport to sunny Toronto.

As I write I reminisce about my time wandering through Quebec. Walking the quaint streets of Montreal is so visually appealing as it is so picturesque, but nothing finishes an experience like the sound of music; so romantic, timeless, and full of feels. Here is a playlist inspired by this city to take you to a place I'm hoping to see once again.