Sebastian Metamorphik Collection // Eruptek+ Resintek

I am, by no means glam. More often than not you’ll find me with bags under my eyes, dry shampoo in my hair and a make-up free face. Although lately I have been venturing into trying out new things with my hair. Everyone knows I am a sucker for good packaging; anything rose gold, sleek and blush is a winner in my books. So I really surprised myself when I picked Sebastian Metamorphik duo collection that comes in a (sexy?) black bottle that is salon worthy. Which is not perplexing considering the Sebastian brand has a reputation for producing some of the most coveted items by hair salons. So basically they are a big deal in the hair styling community.

The Sebastian Professional Resintek is a moldable hyper shine wax that is perfect for shaping and reshaping hairstyles with limited amount of product and effort. I’m not a big fan of using styling products on dry hair so I apply it after a shower with my hair slightly damp. Overall, I was amazed at how quickly I could see the difference in volume; but most of all the product did not weight my hair down!

On the other hand, is the Sebastian Professional Eruptek which is a ‘volcanic ash paste’’ that quite frankly sounds so scary but interesting at the same time. It is a yellowish sticky paste that is flexible and provides a weightless hold. I think these two products are definitely a dream team of texture and volume.