colour code_favourite products

I have just been so preoccupied with essays, finals and journaling that I seem to have neglected this space. though out april i have been noting down items i have been coveting. here a few things I have written:

clinique chubby stick roly poly posy
This velvety cheek balm applies on softly, like a luxe second skin that is beautifully pigmented and light (as in you barely feel it). My cheeks looks rosy, not clown like and it blends seamlessly with foundation; something powder blush cannot do. I've tried many cheek blushes and this has stood the test of time.

keihl's  ultimate strength hand salve
I am currently recovering from dry winter hands that need a little care for the summer. I apply this on once in the morning and it lasts throughout the day. It's a thick formula that hydrates my callous hands that absorbs quickly and leaves not residue.

givenchy dahlia noir l'eau
I'm a perfume monogamist. When it comes to committing to a product, I'm probably the best, which is why I've only owned two perfumes (chloe and swarovski) my teens. But after being seduced by this fruity & floral scent, I'm finally ready for an open relationship.