Being By Sanctuary Shower Burst Review

The first thing that caught my attention is the great packaging and design on the aerosol can. This product itself dispenses as a shaving creme like gel that foams up into a mousse texture that is easy for application. The Chili Mango & Tonka Bean can has a mouth-watering mango scent profile, which smells incredible (I am a sucker for anything mango!) However, I was disappointed to find that the scent itself does not linger on the skin for too long & it's quite faint. That said I am curious to try other products from their range just for the innovative and easy to use aerosol can design & lovely scent pairings. Additionally their products have quite a reasonable price point at $15 CAD. Also their products are not tested on animals! 🐰 I will be purchasing the 'Salted caramel and macadamia burst' next because it just sound so darn delicious!

While the product is from the UK, Canadians can find the Being By Sanctuary range exclusively at Shoppers Drug Mart and in Canada  

Lipidol skincare

   L I P I D O L    skincare

"The outcome is skin that stays in balance, avoids problems and radiates with good health."

Every time I complain about scarring and uneven skin tone, people recommended using bio oil. So naturally after seen bio oil on sale lead me to purchasing multiple products from the Lipidol line~from the makers of bio oil. The lineup consists of a face cleansing oil, overnight face oil, cleansing body oil, after-shower oil, after-shave oil. Lipidol's philosophy of cleansing with oil (as nature intended) may not be new but it has changed the way I look at skincare 

Lipidol Overnight Face Oil
Apply oil to an oily face sounds like a recipe for disaster but Lipidol makes makes it works wonders for my skin. I applied this on at night before bed and woke up to soft touchable skin. All it took was a few drops, and this nourishing oil works while you sleep.

Lipidol Cleansing Face Oil
 Cleansing Face Oil dissolves makeup, washing it away without stripping the skin of its natural goodness. Apply to dry face. Makeup and impurities will dissolve into the oil. Add a little water and continue massaging. The oil will emulsify to form a watery cream. Rinse off and you are done.

Lipidol Cleansing Body Oil
Cleansing Body Oil dissolves away dirt, cleaning without stripping the skin, which is of great benefit to dry skin sufferers because the dry skin cycle starts with abrasive washing. Apply to wet skin. The oil will emulsify and lather. Rinse off.

Lipidol After Shower Oil
After Shower Oil creates an invisible barrier which helps hold in moisture, especially in a dry climate where moisture is continually being drawn out of the skin by the dry outside air. Apply after showering. Fragranced with Chamomile essential oil.


                     P R O                                                                                                 C O N

           Non-comedogenic                                                                             Oily residue
          Suitable for sensitive skin  
          Fragranced with essential oils   
          Great price point

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