A  Q  U  A  L  I  A 
   T H E R M A L

If you are someone who enjoys spending their free time reading about skincare on the internet, chances are you've probably heard of Vichy and their newest collection, Aqualia Thermal. Their approach to skincare is to produce natural and hydrating skincare products at reasonable prices. Other than the price point, I found that the ingredient list really contribute to the effectiveness of the product. The packaging really speaks to the overall hydrating factor as it is a vibrant aqua blue glass bottle (which is why i doused it in water for the photoshoot!). Thanks to Influenster, I got to try the Aqualia Thermal Hydrating Face Serum and Light Cream.


According to Vichy the face serum "replenishes water loss for dry skin. This serum helps target dry skin patches, and plump dehydration lines." The serum is also great for those with sensitive skin as it mostly contains natural ingredients (97% natural origins!) including hyaluronic acid, mineralizing water and plant mannose. The formulation of the serum is a clear color and it has a runny viscosity to it. By using just a bit of the product (one pump) my skin was able to absorb nicely  without it feeling too tight, oily or sticky. Like the serum,the creme is light and a refreshing scent.

Overall I'm really happy with the results! I'm going to continue using the serum and cream as part of my night time routine on days when my skin is overly dehydrated.My skin looks healthy, nourished and feels really soft, supple, firm and smooth. I would definitely consider purchasing the serum in the future but not so much the cream (as im not sure how it differs from the serum itself). 

MY SKIN TYPE: Oily, Combination
MY SKIN CONCERN:Acne, Hydration

Disclaimer: I received this product for free to test and review from Influenster, in their #VichyVoxbox however all opinions in this post are my own.

ob my radar pt.2

1 // FIFA World Cup  ⚽
The best part of getting home from work for the past few weeks was eating lunch and yelling at professional football players as they kick a ball for over 90 minutes. But seriously I'm thoroughly impressed with the skills and perseverance shown by so many players. ps. peep the video below that resulted from the Germany-Korea game. 🤣🤣
2 // B I T E   S I Z E D   N E W S📰 via bullet news
Before signing up for bullet I looked to twitter for my news stories but never got the full story. Now I can learn about how Trump is ruining the environment, the ON elections, and the low down on PRIDE before even getting my coffee They "scour the web for the top news headlines and deliver them in a must-read and lighthearted email to start your day". Want to get in on the action? Sign up here.

3 // A N D R E   L E O N   T A L L E Y👠 via cbc q
If you are into fashion chances are you probably know about fashion icon Andre Leon Talley. He is the former editor for American Vogue and is highly influential in the fashion industry. I was first introduced to him in an interview with Tom Power on q. and was really drawn into what he was saying about the code of dressing well and about his life experience. Take a Listen

4 // H O U S E  P L A N T S 🍃  via Camille Styles

 Indoor plants are all the rage in interior home decor. I am currently trying to propagate a pothos/money plant. It's been 2 months so I''m excited to see what it becomes.

Artist Highlight: Marialaura Fedi

 M A R I A L A U R A       F E D I

A new artist I discovered (thanks to Pinterest!) is a young illustrator and painter from Italy, Marialaura Fedi. I was drawn to her minimalist paintings of some very stylish women that range in skin tones, hair styles and fashion sense. Although the women she paints are faceless, their clothes, surroundings and poses exude confidence. You can find Marialaura's work on her  website and instagram or shop her prints here