DIYs to Try this Weekend


The start of the weekend not only promises fun and relaxation, but a time to get crafty ideas and creative. And although I should be completing my homework or catching up readings I often look forward to the weekends to try out some cool and easy DIY projects that I pinned to my Pinterest page the week before. This weekend's projects come from one of my favourite DIY blog that enhances my style while keeping me under budget; it's A PAIR AND A SPARE. A dress. A set of earrings. A bag. Basically a whole outfit!

Are you feeling inspired by any of these?  I always love knowing what you like to see, so tell me!

SAVE $$$ While Shopping

Black prince peter boots with girl tribe sweater and pleather skirt plus vero moda cherry shirt at

I have been using Ebates for the past three years. Its a FREE website that gives you cash back for purchases you would already be making online. I've made hundreds of dollars in cash back on purchases (especially on back to school purchases) and it is a must have if you shop online! Sign up for FREE here:

My favs to shop through Ebates are The Shopping Channel, Hudson's Bay, Indigo-Chapters (for books!) and works with over 750 stores that ship to Canada including,, eBay, Sears, Old Navy, Forever21 and Groupon.

Even though you don’t always get a high percentage back (its usually 1.5% to 4%), a few dollars here and there can really add up over time.  Also when you look up the store on Ebates, they show you all the active coupon codes available at that store. You can combine the coupon codes with cash back for extra savings!


Back to School in Style

Even though I always enjoy the long summers, as August rolls around, I tend to get a little antsy for school to start back up. There are a few telltale signs that classes were right around the corner. Like the Staples commercial that declares 'back to school' to be the "most wonderful time of the year" or the CNE opening up as August ends. Not to mention the endless school supply list. But my favourite part of the '#BTS season has to be the fashion deals and inspiration that has me eager to put together outfits for the first week. This year I'm taking inspiration from a very stylist celeb

S E L E N A  G O M E Z

Revlon Mega Multiplier™ Mascara Review

My first impression of this product is the simple packaging that feature a blue glossy lid with a matte black tube. The company, Revlon, boasts "unique fibers are sealed in 360° tubes that plump and extend lashes for mega volume and extreme length" Upon testing the wand I noticed how easily and gently it coats my lashes from root to tip. I did have to get use to the tubing wand to avoid any clumping at the ends. However the handle's design allows you to easily hold  the wand. THe water resistant formula is one of the best ones I've used, its not too watery and it does not dry out and flake.

I naturally have pretty black and full lashes, so this mascara  pretty much intensifying my features and adding a little bit of volume and interest. However the best part of this mascara is the smudge proof formula that lasts an entire work day. It is just as easy to remove as it is to apply. I either use Micellar water and generic makeup remover wipes to quickly wipe is off before bedtime. 

Overall, I would recommend this mascara as an everyday mascara that is smudge proof, easy to remove, and for a natural makeup look. Additionally, the price is very affordable and is available is drugstores all over Canada.

Full Disclosure: I received this product complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes and an honest review.

But i'm into it: statement earrings

I think that I’ve always been a studs kinda girl (pearls, diamonds etc.) but as soon as I put those hoops in my ears I felt super ready! Statement earrings are something that I never usually wear, but ever since I became the proud owner of a pair I’ve come to the realisation that statement earrings can really amp up a casual, everyday outfit. Ever since then I’ve been scouring the internet for some statement earrings that are both affordable and super duper cute. Here are some of my faves to hopefully grow my collection!

around the web

Hope you have a good week (its getting warm in toronto!), and here are a few fun links from around the web…

Oscar Winner Card, front mockup. © benjamin bannister

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Said The Whale announce new album 'As Long As Your Eyes Are Wide,' out March 31 via Hidden Pony
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march break must haves

It’s March Break—and you know what that means. Time to get away; somewhere, anywhere! And if you’re lucky enough to score a march break flight, you’ll likely need to find some amazing skincare to apply at your seat. Because no one wants to spend their summer holidays lugging around giant cases filled with beauty product (or taking chances on sketchy hotel amenities) it's time to get that travel beauty kit sorted.


 Help quench parched skin while you protect yourself from harmful UVA and UVB rays with enriched hydrating oat proteins.

Aveeno Protect + Hydrate Sunscreen Lotion SPF 30

Pucker Up

Shield and moisturize lips throughout the day with a sheer pop of colour.  My personal favourite is the peach kiss colour 


Lash Blast

A carefree, easy routine is key for any vacation, so when you need a touch of glam that is quick and easy to apply, make sure your make-up is waterproof ('cause our instagram needs a 'by the pool' selfie)

If you stuck on a plane for long hours and don’t have enough time to rewash and style your hair- Fake a clean coif! I find this to be the best of them all as it blends into the darkest of strands (no white streaks!) and work well with my fine hair.

** Made in collaboration with

NYFW Street Style

Like many fashion enthusiasts around the world, I look forward to New York Fashion Week** to gain inspiration for new OOTDs and to keep up with the emerging trends in fashion. However, it is not for the perfectly curated shows that have celebrities seated in the FROW that keeps me interested. Instead, I'm here for the street style. You know the one where fashion bloggers and celebs alike make the streets of New York their personal runway. Outfits that are spotted outside the venues can either be overzealous and boring or an authentic statement that reflects their personal style.

** sheds a tear for Toronto Fashion Week (RIP!)




*Photos by Simon Chetrit: @simonzchetrit.

new year, new you

The end of the calendar year is a natural time to pause, reflect and assess what needs to be changed in our lives. The annual list may go something like: lose a few pounds, earn a few more dollars and overall be a better person. The pattern is so predictable that you can find at least five other persons within a 5mile radius with the same list. When it comes to becoming a university student there is a whole slew of things we want to improve on in the coming year. We may want to make more time for reading the weekly readings before class. We want to implement more organization into our work and part-time job schedule. Perhaps, we want to attend more seminars, workshops and event around campus.

The problem is that New Year’s resolutions usually loses its value and importance as the weeks go along. I truly believe that the only way to make resolutions achievable is to make them more attainable. Make it feasible.
  1. Be more patient and understanding with fellow classmates in the library working on a group project; instead buy some noise cancelling headphones.
  2. Take healthy lunches from home; Have pizza and onion rings delivered to lecture hall
  3. Complete readings and assignments before watching TV; only binge watch one season of Friends on Netflix.
  4. Spend more time with friends; tag them in a #tbt Instagram post with a heartfelt message about missing the old days.
  5. Keep room/ dorm clean; refuse to allow any takeout containers into your room.
  6. Attend office hours and have a thoughtful conversation with your professor; learn how to make ice-cream on YouTube
  7. Spend time developing skills and passions; sleep.

By taking this approach, you’ll be meeting your goals in no time and will no longer be a repeat failure. Overall, just accept the chaos and anxiety that school life brings. After all, 2017 can’t be as bad as 2016 was, am I right?